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Thread: Losing disk space on one drive when backing up to anothe

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    Default Losing disk space on one drive when backing up to anothe

    have an automatic backup set for every morning from an External in a Venus T5 encloser with two Seagate baraccuda 1TB drives Raid 0 striping setup using eSata, running through a silicon image esata controller card. When backing up the project from that Drive to another external of the same drives but in a Galaxy metalgear encloser Both are Raid 0 spanning setup which is USP 2.0, We lose anywhere from 12-20 Gb of disk space on the original drive. Running on a Del XPS 420 using Vista premium. Can any one help?

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    Raid 0 for back up - wouldnt raid 1 be best ?

    As for the lost memory - I would assume that not all drive controllers are created equal.
    Best posted on a teccy pc site too.

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