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Thread: Audio sync problem with added music

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    Default Audio sync problem with added music

    I have a sync problem when editing (Pinnacle 12) the original soundtrack (and video) from the HDV tape and the ADDED audio track (music).

    I can set the added audio (ripped in MP3 format from CD) to start at the exact right moment. After about one minute the added audio is about 1 sec out of sync. Its like the "pitch" is out and the added audio is a bit faster than the original sound!

    The video is a WORK OUT instruction and its very disturbing when the added music get out of the instructors pace.

    I can not use the original audio as it is from the camera microphone and is not a good quality sound. I want to MUTE the original mic sound and only use the added music track.

    I have tried mp3, mp4, vma & wav format. All give the same problem. I have used different CDs and different "ripper" SW.

    I use Pinnacle 12 Ultimate and Sony HDV camera.

    Is this a known Pinnacle problem, or any other hints??

    Thankful for any ideas how to solve this!

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    have you exported the file at all? and if so is it still out of sync? does the music play out of sync if you play from say, half way through the sequence?

    I use Avid. Every now and again when playing the sequence back to watch through from the start, the audio will come slightly out of sync, but is fine when i output to tape, or export.

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    Yes, I noticed the problem after burning to DVD and watching it om my TV.

    When I go back and check my project in the Pinnacle editor, I can see on the audio "diagram" that the added audio slowly gets out of sync. The first 30s is OK, then its disturbing. Even if it's only about 0,5s before the video.

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    This may not be the fastest/easiest way, but the approach I'd take is to adjust your audio source in Audacity - Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    Import both the external audio source you want to want to add and the audio from your video as separate tracks in Audacity. At this point you can either experiment with different adjustments to the speed (Effect -> Change Speed) by eyeballing it or if you want to be more precise you can find the same spot in the song towards the end of both tracks and divide the new track time by the old track time (the times at the spots where you know they should be the same) and adjust the speed of the new track by that percentage.

    Edit: and of course, then export your new corrected track to a .wav file and import that into your video editor. btw it's preferable to pull the audio straight into audacity as wave/pcm and import it into your video app as pcm too, that way you aren't encoding/decoding/encoding multiple times which can cause ugly compression artifacts in the audio track.

    This is assuming your new track really is at a different speed than the video recorded track and not the result of some weird software issue. If both tracks line up perfectly in Audacity you might be having some weird Pinnacle problem. AdobePremiereProFTW!!!

    Let me know how it goes, I'm curious
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    Are the waveforms on the time line visibly in sync ? Does the length look different to the render if you get my drift ?

    If so rubber band the audio or video to match. Not ideal but may fix if the probelm appears on the timeline.

    I have had this occur but not with bare mp3 giles. I have found that tracks on some divx appear slightly shorter on the timeline to the video. ( in vegas )
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    the waveforms on the time line are visable OUT of sync. Same problem in editor and after export to DVD.

    How can I "rubberband" the added audio track? Can you reccomend some SW?

    The built in "time adjust-rubberband" in Pinnacle is only in full 1% steps. That's not good enaugh. I only need to adjus about 0,5%

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    Audacity can change the speed of audio tracks (i.e. rubberband) at increments of 1/1000th of a percent. See attached pic.
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    Thanks! I will try Audacity!

    Another question. Is both the original sound wave form and added sound wave form visable in Adobe Premiere? I need to "see" the original sound to be able to sync the added.

    I might change from Pinnacle to Premiere if thats a solution.

    Have a nice weekend!

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    Thanks, will take a brake over the weekend...

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