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Thread: Vegas pro 8: MP4 problems

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    Default Vegas pro 8: MP4 problems

    i'm having problems importing MP4 (lokks like MPG2 Long Gop) files from a Sony EX1 camcoder. Vegas doesn't recognize the files so i can not even open them in the sw.
    is there anything i can do? are there codecsa to install before?

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    Have you used the program for EX1/3 to import the footage as t has to be "converted" to make it work..

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    No, just got the MP4 file and then tried to put it in Vegas. D'you think I may install the EX1 CD ROM drivers before to catch anything?

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    I am pretty sure you have to use the program as the files have to be "normalised" for use, may also install drivers that you need as well, it is similar to eh XDCAM way of doing things

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    Default EX files for Vegas, here's how.

    No drivers need to be installed.
    You need to download and install a program from Sony called "clip browser"
    link below

    Sony : XDCAM EX Clip Browsing Software V2.0 : United Kingdom

    You import all the files from the EX1, either direclty from the camera via usb or from the cards themselves using a card reader.

    The files need to be rewrapped to MXF using clip browser, ie, clips go from A to B being rewrapped to MXF in the process.

    Then you can open Vegas (pro 8 needed) and just drag the files in as normal.

    If an in depth workflow explanation is needed the just ask.
    I use an EX1 and clip browser on an almost daily basis, since January.
    The workflow is very simple and fast.

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