I hope you guys can help me out. I need a Sony SR Guru...

Two weeks ago (before the Holidays!) everything was working fine.

Yesterday, I plugged the cam (Sony SR 10) in a PC ( I use a Mac) and tried to delete some videos. Found out I could only do that via the handycam so I stopped. I tried to log and transfer my files using Final Cut Express but the software did not recognize the cam anymore as a camera but (it seemed) it did - but just as an external drive. I tried adding a folder option only to get an error message saying that the cam contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Some folks at the Apple forum told me it may be best to reformat the disc since I probably did screw up the filing system when I tried to delete it... So I am thinking about using MEDIA FORMAT.

Thing is I am hesitant to do that without backing the disc up (not in a DVD) correctly so I can still capture the footage in whatever file format I wish (preferably MOV).

Would any of you know? Help!

Thank you in advance.