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Thread: Trouble getting time/date reference onto SD card

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    Default Trouble getting time/date reference onto SD card


    I have been using MiniDV tapes for a while now, and am now trying to switch to using SD Cards.

    However, I am struggling to find a camcorder that actually records the time date reference, and displays it when I play back the SD card through the PC.

    It works fine through the AV lead into a TV, but I need it on the PC for use with Adobe etc..

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Flash Memory Camcorder

    I'm searching for the same thing.

    I have found that you an use the firewire to transfer the video to VEGAS, etc while transferring the time date stamp and it is fairly quick.

    I am looking to take the SD card and be able to read it on my PC while showing the time date stamp.

    There is a DV encoder that will work but it involves a rendering process. Like you I am trying to eliminate any and all rendering. Let me know if you find something and I'll do the same.

    I've started to do some research oversees and its looking good.

    Are you a private detective or law enforcement?

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    Yea - do you need this for evidentail purposes? If so a time code really proves little as a fake code can easily be added.

    I have gathered evidentail video on demos occasionally - I just make sure I that it is clear from the context when /where it was shot.

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