Hi all,

I've bought a funky new JVC camcorder which will record to either HDD or micro SD card. Will I get longer battery life if I record to SD card? I think I should, because there is no need for the HDD to be running, and heads jumping about etc. However, I suspect the HDD may just run whether it's in use or not.

As an experiment, I've tried sitting in a quiet room with one corner of the camcorder inserted as far as it would go into my ear (which is not very far, I must tell you). I did this with the camcorder in the following states:
1. Turned off.
2. Turned on, but not recording
3. Turned on, recording to HDD
4. Turned on, recording to SD card.

I found that there was a quiet 'whirring' in states 2 to 4 inclusive, which was not present in state 1. However, I could tell no difference at all beween the whirrings of states 2 to 4. This is what makes me think the HDD just runs all the time.

Can anyone tell me if I'd get any battery life benefits by recording to the SD instead of the HDD? Are there any other advantages / disadvantages of recording to the SD card, except capacity, of course?

Thanks for your help,