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Thread: Why does my video look bad on dvd?

  1. Default Why does my video look bad on dvd?

    the whole screen looks like is slightly moving with sort of angled lines everywhere, its not nice to look at. is it to do with my project properties?

    Im rendering using sony vegas 8

    please help, any suggestions would be great. we are trying to avoid the jitteryness, stop the video looking like its shaking. we just want smooth and easy on the eye!

    cheers, Dave

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    Please can your provide the following information:

    1) Your source format (where did the video come from)
    2) Your project settings in vegas
    3) Your output settings

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    Im recording on an hdr hc9 sony camcorder - HDV format - 1440x1080,50fps

    capturing HD video in m2t format with sony vegas 8

    project properties as shown in picture

    rendered as "mainConcept MPEG-2" with vegas 8 in "dvd architect PAL widescreen video stream" at 25fps, 720x576 res

    Put to dvd with dvd architect 5. no change made by architect to condense video as its only 2.5Gb

    I think the project properties might be the problem but i cant figure out a solution.

    Thankyou very very very very much for any assistance.
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