VideoEditMagic cant make-movie on 1280x1024! help!

hi im editing a video in Video Edit Magic program. i record clips with fraps. i use fraps raw file to put in and edit. once i done i click "make movie" and set...

- uncompress video
- uncompress audio
- 1280x1024 res

once i click "make movie" the program turns whitish for 2sec then crash saying error that i have to close. making 1024x820 res is fine but when i try 1280x1024 it wont let me! always crash! help!

the source raw file is in 1280x1024. i want to make movie as original res but it always crash!

any idea? plz help. my comp specs are:

- x2 4400+
- three gig ram
- x850xt
- vista 32bit sp1