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Thread: No lens, no cash - botch it!

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    Default No lens, no cash - botch it!

    Two years back I used a clunky vx9000e often with a suprisingly good kenko .5x wide adaptor.

    Then I get my nice pro jvc shoulder cam - all lovely untill i think of getting a wide convetor - 900 - might as well get a wide lens - 10,000 argh !

    In a shocking act of good sense just now I dug out the kenko and gaffa tapped it to the fujinon on the JVC - and it works a treat - still got the short end of the zoom and vignettes but a smidgen.

    All I need is a 2.90, 52mm to 62mm adaptor - I am well pleased - now I can frame shots properly in normal sized rooms again. It flares like mad - no hood - so I can use my gaffa skills for a cool matt box too.

    Never underestimate the power of the botch.

    Stills are raw from camera in my 3.5m x 12 foot front room - both shot from back of the room - hugely more huge - nice.
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    Wow, the wide converter makes quite a difference and all for under 3. Talking of botch, Heath Robinson might be making a comeback one of these days. So hold onto that gaffa tape.

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