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Thread: Filmic resoloutions for 09

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    Default Filmic resoloutions for 09


    1. Stop making daft inane rubbish and instead work harder at fullfilling my ambition to do really annoying upsetng documantary stuff.

    2. Stop moaning about HDV - makes me look like a mate of Ned Ludds's. Moaning aint going to fix it.

    3. Make more money from film.

    4. Watch less pron films and more proper films.. ho hum.

    5. Break into the BBC near me and steal a wide lens for my JVC - 11,000 for one new - my house was only twice that ! ( in 1745 )

    6. Learn after effects so I can make people feel sick when i edit, or more sick....

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    All very admirable Mark.


    Make more inane rubbish that tickles people and makes them laugh.
    Go on about how great HDV is - it winds others up a treat.
    Watch more pron.... never seem to have enough of that.
    Shop the bloke to the filth who broke into the BBC and nicked that lens - why should he get stuff for free?
    Hire someone else to do after effects for me. Not enough hours in the day as it is.


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