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Thread: fell at first hurdle -JVC GZ HD3 can't set date-time

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    Default fell at first hurdle -JVC GZ HD3 can't set date-time

    Embarassing, but I can't set the date-time!
    I go through the procedure using the rocker button, left-right, and up-down to change the numbers. Then when I have it correct, i press it centrally down. I think this should save the settings, but instead it moves to the next number to the right. Then if I exit, the date and time is all zeros. I used the ssame procedure to set the language and it worked fine. What am I dcoing wrong with such a basic operation?
    thanks Tony

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    Without intimate knowledge of this procedure I can only suggest further prognostications over the manual or a trip to the shop for further advice.

    It it helps - I have never set the date on any of my cameras and I am still getting older.

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