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    Hi peoplz. I'm an amateur video producer and totally new to this forum, so if I sound like a newb, it's probably because I am. I'm currently working on a video project that involves a lot of fancy visual effects. My goal is to make a short video - about 1 to 2 and a half minutes long - that has the same or similar visual effects as those found in the Ring and the Ring Two's 'cursed' videotapes. I mean effects like funky film grain, shaky picture, staticy stuff, odd blue-greenish colorization, that sort of thing. Here's some links to the videos, just to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. (If you're easily rattled by creepy gross stuff, be warned, it's a little messy, but it's not horrifying. Sorry, I thought it would just be a link, I didn't think it would plug in the actual Youtube video frame thingy.)

    [ame=""]YouTube - Samara Morgan's Cursed Video [The Ring][/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Ring 2[/ame]

    Does anyone know of some video editing software that can create visual effects like these? Like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, something to that effect. I've heard that super8mm cameras can produce similar effects, but I don't want to run out and get one and then buy a bunch of fancy equipment for it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thanks! =D
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    Hi there. you could use Adobe After effects, but it depends how confident with editing softwear. Its not too hard once you get used to it.

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    I had a look at both those videos and some ideas to get you started are...

    TV static can be recorded from the tv, either onto a dvd recorder or just point the camera at the screen and record it. Just make sure the camera is on a tripod and avoid any lights or shadows falling on the screen.

    The cover of the water well being moved out could be done using animated graphics in AE.

    Water with red dye in it or add the colour in post production again using AE.

    Picture in picture.

    A visit to the butchers shop and buy a pound of sausages, use four, put three in your mouth, and have someone hold one, shout ACTION, and get the person to slowly pull them out of your mouth.

    Maggotts, a trip to the local fly fishing shop, what you would do with them after your video is made I have no idea.

    Centipede, make a small scale model of a table, chair and glass of water, again another trip to the pet shop.

    The burning tree - probably a still image with either a flame particle effect on the branches or an animated gif with trasparent bg, copied and repeated many times.

    Time lapse clouds. Put the camera on a tripod and point it skywards, but not at the sun. Record 10 minutes of clouds and then in your editor or effects program, speed the video up so it goes from 10 minutes down to about 10 seconds in length.

    The moose's head, try the prop dept at the BBC, I'm sure it's there in some dark dusty corner after it was used in Fawlty Towers.

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    Thanks! That's some awesome advice. I probably would have never thought of that.

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    I was going to suggest after effects but the guy above has given some awesome ideas.

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