I have done a bit of video editing with Sony Vegas, but I am now going to be doing some with AVI files from a camera mounted on a kite, for kitesurfing. I am hoping that I can get advice on which software has the functions I will need.

The functions I need are:-

De-shaking, ie. the camera will be mounted on the kite so the camera will be buffeted about slightly. You can see examples of video (mostly after editing) on the site Camrig.com

Rotation, ie. the kite rotates to different angles so I need to be able to rotate to any angle to keep the rider upright.

Translation, ie. the angle of the kite changes as the control lines are operated, so the rider will move out of the centre of view at times and needs to me moved back toward the centre.

All these transitions have to be smooth and created with the most efficient method.

Adobe After Effects sounds like one possible way to do it, but has a lot of functions I would not need. Does anyone know of other software which can carry out these fuctions efficiently and hopefully is relatively affordable?

Thanks for any help you can give.