Making a home movie from my skiing holiday, so lots of fast movement and nice bright sharp pictures.

I cant burn to blu ray, dont have a player or burner yet.

what are the best settings to render out in.

I want the best settings for dvd. i've been playing about with lots of different
options and this is what i have so far.

filming on hdr hc9, HDV format 1440x1080 50.

project properties
32bit (either 1linear or 2.2video(no noticable difference))
best resolution
gausian blur
deinterlace method - blending fields.

then rendering out in 720 dvd pal widescreen, as all my videos widescreen shot.

then burnt with dvd architect.

is there anything i can do with those settings to improve my final output? or any other settings anywhere else i have forgotten about.

And will these settings also give me the best output for wmv files etc.

Many thanks for any suggestions merry christmas.