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Thread: Which editor do I need?

  1. Default Which editor do I need?

    I need to cut some parts of an mp4 video downloaded from youtube and remove the audio, but it's quite troublesome. Usually I only need to remove audio, in which case I use pazera mp4->avi converter. I tried vdmod to cut the video, but it won't recognize it in any type of avi I can convert it to.(xvid, divx, h.264, mpeg4, wmv, motion jpeg, and lossless) Then I tried vegas, but it really sucks at compression.(video size barely decreased even with no audio, whereas the converter reduced it from 24 to 8mb with little change in quality)
    So I need an editor that can:
    1. recognize a fair number of formats
    2. remove audio
    3. compress in xvid format
    4. reduce the size a lot without compromising quality much

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    I can't envisage a possible use for downloading You-tube videos and re-editting them other than as stealing someone else's work. Is that what you are doing?

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    I'm using them as stepmania(basically free version of DDR) bg videos. All of them are anime OP, so no, I'm not stealing anybody's work. If you say I'm stealing them from the studio, you would have to blame all the people who upload anime, tv shows, movies, or any copyrighted stuff before me. I would appreciate it if you answer my questions rather than question me.
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