Hey guys [and gals - if any]
I'm looking to get myself a fairly decent camcorder. I've had one before, a samsung 8mm that I don't use because of the fact that the only way to transfer video to computer is through a cap. card which I don't have nor do i have time to faff about with such things.

I'm looking for camcorders within a 150 to 250 price range. [see XE - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site for exchange rates]

Must have:
DVD and/or memory stick/SD card capability

2.0" and larger screen

35x or more OPTICAL zoom. Absolute must.

Prefer if there were buttons on the screen.

More options, the better [I like customizeability]

Not too bulky but not so small you'd loose it.

Now I've done some research, and some of the Sony cams. seem to do well, Namely, the DCR-DVD110E and the
DCR-DVD310E, But I'm still not sure.
Looking a little lost here folks.
Regards, A confused Frohman.