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    Hi folks...

    I just bought a system from dogcam sport
    DogCam HQR-2 head camera package full kit

    the recorder is brilliant.. i used it to record a bit of a dvd and it was very good quality..

    a few issues with sound but hopefully dog cam can upgrade the system to work it soon...

    now my question is the cameras.. i would be using my camera in a car to video behind the driver out the front so it doesent have to be a bullet camera.. what i want to ask is does any one know a small camera that i would be able to stick in a car?

    the main reason i want to get a better one is because i cant find a 16:9 bullet camera unless any of ye here know of one...

    Cheers and happy new year

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    If you want 16 9 from the bullet cam - just crop in post.

    And just about any camera can be used anywhere with enough custom mounting gear and or gaffa tape.

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    im sure it will have a 30k price tag tho....

    its for a rally car so cant use gaffa tape...

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    Wht cant you yse gaffa tape on a rally car ? I use my on my camera - dont get it????

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    saftey the people who run the rally wouldent let the person run if its not bolted down..

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    Default Here is the camera...

    I got two Sony chipset 580tvl bullet cameras. They're submersible and pretty much vibration proof, don't suck up my battery, and have a crystal clear colorful picture. The bullet cams have threaded locking connectors on shielded pigtails, and they are compatible with the recorder you're using.

    This is mostly a ( name removed ) plug since I'm so in love with the cameras. They aren't 16:9 but I can't think of any affordable non-HD bullet cams that are.

    I recommend them highly.

    ( link removed as per froum guidelines for annoying mendacious mooks who post the same spam more than once on the forum - and it is annoying when spammers pretend to be happy customers, bite me if I am wrong )
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