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    I made this last year, a couple of photographers came to me and asked me if i could edit some footage they filmed of a photography project they did. They wanted it to be played on a screen alongside their photograph in an exhibition. the footage wasnt too good, so i ended up filming some more stuff for it and turning it into a documentary. It is very fast paced, but it was for people who were viewing the photo(s) in the exhibition.

    I tried to be creative in the editing... Some people like it, Some people hate it lol.

    [ame=""]YouTube - From Light to Night HQ High Quality[/ame]

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    An interesting film. I'm one of those who like the editing. I enjoy stuff where the editor is not afraid to use the facilities that digital editing makes possible at least, when it's done with care. This looked great.

    A couple of points which let the film down for me: the narration was rushed (I know you said it was fast paced, but I'd like to be able to take in what's being said) and there was too much of just not very interesting shots of people setting up held for too long with nothing else going on (around 6:20 in particular)

    On a minor point, this may be obvious in the location for which the film is intended, but for a YouTube international audience an idea of which Kingston might have been a good idea.

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    I thought it was just about perfect !

    You love that split screen gag dontcha?? Worked really well there.

    Looks very swish - get a better v over and that is surely marketable.

    I am never going to moan about the size of my camera ever again ever - lols.

    5 stars from me.

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    Great video.

    Enjoyable and interesting to watch, my only (slight) criticism is the voice-over, or rather the voice. V/O speaking is an art and, for your production, it would be worth getting a professional V/O made. The pacing and speed is right but the voice itself voice is too "dry".

    Apart from that, especially bearing in mind the purpose of the video, it's a superb effort.

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