Is anyone selling anything i might be interested in ?

Ideally i think i would prefer a PD150, seems like the best camera on my budget, but also open to sugestions of other models

Sony is prefered, ive had a canon XM1 and XL1 and it didnt really do what i wanted, problems with changing light conditions outdoors, and not very good indoors etc.

Was also thinking of a VX2100, but they seem to be going for more on ebay than the PD150, and i thought they wernt as good quality ?

I dont need anything too 'profesional' as in i dont need loads of audio inputs and stuff like that, its just simple motorsport use, and some indoor stuff like bands etc ( where audio is captured on another source )

Other cameras sugested were VX9000 , PD100 , VX2000

Any offers or sugestions welcomed


Ps, i am near manchester, in case you have one for sale