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Thread: How to identify a PAL DVD?

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    Default How to identify a PAL DVD?

    There is not a clear cut forum here for this question so here goes:

    I have a client that asked that I convert a dvd from a PAL version to a NTSC version. I have not done that before and I asked him if I could experiment. As I explored the disc, I see that it had 6 files and they were all AVI files. No folders, nothing else. These were recorded from an Italian television, he said.

    This was totally unlike a NTSC file structure. The client said it was PAL and that it would not play on his dvd player or his daughters. It was recorded in Italy. In spite of this, I was able to play it flawlessly on 4 of my freestanding dvd recorder/players and 2 computers and this, I would think, should not be possible.

    If this were a PAL recording, would that be possible to play it without problems on an NTSC television? I told him I didn't think the dvd was a "movie dvd" but was a simple data disc with several AVI movies on it.

    Can anyone give me a clue as to what the file structure would look like on a PAL recording? I've never had a PAL dvd available to me before this. Wouldn't the file structure be the same as an NTSC version except for the frame rate, etc.?

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    This was merely a DVD with a few video files on it. It was NOT a DVD movie - this would follow the same structure as the one you would expect. To guarantee that the videos play in a Region 2 DVD player, you will need to author a PAL DVD from the source videos.

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