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    hey can anyone help me. i have corel video studio x2. once i finish the video and try to render it tells me, error unable to upload library. can anyone help me.

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    That's a pretty generic error in VS. Without having specific info on the source of the original video files, their format and specs as well as your work flow it is hard to troubleshoot.

    So here are some choices, see if any fit you!

    1. FLV files, VS has been known to have trouble with FLV files and on some systems will choke. Solution = convert to a more friendly editing format.

    2. Corrupt MPEG2 files. MPEG2 files may playback with no problem at all and even "appear" to be editing successfully even though they have minor corruption. However when it comes to rendering the editing software chokes on the corrupt data giving you that message. Solution = Try to estimate how far into the render VS is getting and start a process of elimination of the files in that area of the project until you find the culprit.

    3. Mixed formats on the time line. Solution = Don't do it. Convert everything to an editing friendly format prior to loading onto the timeline.

    4. Using MP3 audio tracks created by the LAME codec. VS sometimes doesn't like them. Convert to wav.

    5. If you have the installation disc try a repair.

    6. Try a re-install but be sure to back up your assets.

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