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Thread: Best Software for Mixing Movie Clips?

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    Default Best Software for Mixing Movie Clips?

    I've been reading over the threads in this forum for about an hour now and I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

    Basically, I want to mix clips together from various movies to make short films. An example of what I am talking about might be taking a scene from James Cameron's "Titanic" and another clip from the movie "What's eating Gilbert Grape"; both movies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and splicing them together.

    Being able to add my own voice track, sound effects and music would also be useful. As would the ability to mix in my own footage shot with my Sony DVD Camcorder.

    I'm thinking primarily, these clips would be used on a site similar to YouTube but I may one day wish to put them on DVD so I could give copies to friends and family.

    My budget is pretty limited right now, so cheap would be good, free would be better. Though, I'm not really expecting to get off that easy, so I'm willing to spend some money if I have to.

    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Thoughts View Post
    I've been reading over the threads in this forum for about an hour now and I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.
    What you desscribe is a given in just about every software package discussed within these walls.
    Get yourself a 30 day trial of Vegas or Premiere (or anything else that takes your fancy) and play.....

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply to such a novice question.

    I found some info on both Vegas and Premiere earlier. I will see what I can find out on those two based on functionality, ease of use and price, and then take your advice and play.

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    ( sarcasm) Titanic cut together with Gilbert Grape - I can hardly wait.

    ( irony then double entendre) No grapes actually escaped the wreck as Cameron liked sultanas, and it was rumoured, the odd sultan too.

    ( litotes ) Could be a epic of minor proportions.

    ( frankness ) I honestly cant see how this could be anything but awful.

    ( hyperbole ) I would be hysterical with joy if you could say more, seroiusly - have missed a mash up edit opp ?

    ( unchristian suspicion ) Maybe it's your chosen pseudonym, but are you truly ooly not a bloke called Kev who borrowed a pony off mickey four fingers for that chipped x box and promised to pay him back with the proceeds of your barrow of titanic / gilbert the incontinent grape novelty say-a-long re edits ???

    ( attempt at geniune advice ) As for you tube - dont expect to have your account for much longer than 3 days - they are getting very fussy about copyright issues.

    And a happy christmas to you and your lovely wife -

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    ( sarcasm mixed with a bit of Double Entendre) Surely the perfect title for an endeavor of this magnitude has to be Titanic Grapes!

    ( irony) In one film, DiCaprio had no reason to fear the water, yet did, while in the other, he wished to surround himself with it, and it killed him.

    ( litotes ) Could also be a masterful disaster!

    ( frankness ) I never suggested that it wouldn't be awful.

    ( hyperbole ) I would be wholly devastated should my plans be revealed prematurely.

    ( unchristian suspicion ) Maybe. I would say but I have trouble trusting people.

    ( attempt at geniune advice ) Luckily, YouTube is not the only option.
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