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Thread: Best method/program for converting .m2ts to .avi

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    Default Best method/program for converting .m2ts to .avi

    Hi there ,

    I was hoping someone could tell me which is the best method for converting .m2ts files to preferably .avi . I have Adobe premier pro CS3, and its in unable to capture from the canon vixia hg20.. This has a been a very stressful thing for me and any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, John

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    Caveat - I dont use hdv or adoboe cs3.

    But accoring to this Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 you should be able to capture the hdv file directly into the editor.

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    I don't have a HG20 but I intend buying a HV30 sometime early in the new year so I would be interested to know if this works or not.

    Download MPEG_Streamclip1.2 from Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows and use it for the conversion from m2ts (mpeg2 transport stream) to avi or any other number of video file formats. You will also need to download QuickTimeAlt181, do a search on Google for it and both are freeware and fully functional. Install QuickTimeAlt181 first and then run MPEG_Streamclip1.2. Click on File->Open Files and search for the m2ts video you wish to open into the app.

    You will then see a list of Export to... options further down that same menu, just click on Export to AVI and when the window appears, under Compression select Apple DV PAL or NTSC. Change the other settings in the window to suit the file you wish to convert to and when click on the Make AVI button down in the bottom right corner.

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