Hi I'm new here and I read the "Comparison of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" article and it did not have the two video editing softwares I was looking at (CyberLink PowerDrector 7 Ultra or Corel Video Studio Pro X2) so my question is which of these two are better, or if there is a program better than these two for my needs what is it, money is not an option, I just got a lot for Xmas. What I, well I should say my friends and I do, is make fan films, but we like them to look as real as possible because they are basically our audition into film class. So so you know we film with an HD camcorder and our main concerns are keeping the HD quality from when we burn from the comp to DVD, timeline and storyboard features, a good library of effects and transitions (including image correction, black and white, slow motion, aging, motion objects, good credit selection, and of course green screen editing), the ability to add sound effects and a soundtrack, and create good menus on the DVD. Both of the programs I mentioned before seem to have some but not all of the features we desire, so if you could point me in a direction between the two, or if you could tell me of a better program that would fulfill all our needs that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!