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Thread: DV into Laptop with no firewire?

  1. Default DV into Laptop with no firewire?

    I bought my son a laptop for Christmas that didn't have any PCMCIA or Express card slots, I thought that buying a USB to Firewire cable would do the job but it doesn't. When plugged in the DV cam is unrecognized, no mention of 1394 / firewire.

    So can anyone recommend the best way of getting a DV cam footage into this laptop?

    Appreciate any help, thanks.

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    Your options are zero with that laptop. You have to use a Firewire socket to get mini dv video onto your computer and nothing else. You say it doesn't have a Firewire socket, no PCMCIA slot and no you cannot use a USB to Firewire cable or convertor as they are rubbish.

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    If your DV camera has analog outputs Composite or SVHS you could always capture using a USB capture device, your quality won't be as good as native DV but its pretty much your only option with that machine.

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