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Thread: voice over music? Like on sports videos.

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    Default voice over music? Like on sports videos.

    Here's my problem:

    I'm putting some home movies to songs I like, I guess you could call it homemade music videos. The only thing is that while most of the audio on the home movies isn't needed, there are some peices that are kind of funny, and I want to know how I can lower the volume on the music and insert the original audio. Basically the effect I want to ultimatly have is like the ones on sports highlights where the action is put to music and then in certain parts the original broadcast is heard and the music is played in the backgroud.

    Is there a video editing program that can do this without me having to use a standalone audio editing program (i.e. maybe a program that has a something like a "fader" swich?)

    Thank you for any help. And, I'm happy to be a member!!!
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    Welcome, and yes, pretty much any video editing software will let you do this. Usually when you import your footage you will see the audio on a separate track in your editing software. You can often simply drag the wave line up or down (and keyframe it) as and when you want to hear it. This is also usually supplemented with fader controls too.

    In short - any of the popular editing suites will let you do this.

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