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Thread: Hi everybody :) my first action in this forum.

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    Thumbs up Hi everybody :) my first action in this forum.

    i have a simple question, does premiere pro cs3 has the option of "deinterlace" ?

    if yes, then how do i use it

    please. thanks

    Arthur. New york.

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    De-interlacing in Premiere Pro is one of your export options. You edit whatever you have and when done you export yoru final movie. It is at that stage you say 'please deinterlace this'.

    Er, so to answerr your question. yes it does have that feature.

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    I don't have Premiere CS3 in front of me but I do know that in Premiere Elements you can right click on the clip on the timeline and select 'Field Options' and then 'Always Deinterlace' and that clip will always be deinterlaced on export. Premiere Pro may have the same option.

    The option is also available in the Adobe Media Encoder upon export as Alan says above. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    thank you guys , i will try it ,

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