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Thread: Tinny sound - Part 2

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    Default Tinny sound - Part 2

    I raised this problem a while back but I've got a bit more info now.
    When I capture footage (via firewire) from my camcorder (Sony DCR-HC40E) the audio on the raw avi file that's produced seems fine, but as soon as I drag it onto the timeline of the editing software (either in Windows Movie Maker or Showbiz) the audio seems to inherit a nasty tinniness to it. Is it just that I'm using crap software or is there some magic remedy anyone can suggest.

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    Does it sound tinny when played from the timeline, or when exported to a WMV file?

    The tinniness can happen when the sound is exported at a lower frequency without being resampled. When I was using MM2, I used a separate audio tool to resample the sound down from 48kHz to 44.1 (the frequency being used by the WMV encoder), and this removed the tinniness.


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