Would anyone know why there is no audio with video clips I open in Ulead Video Studio 7? Just a few tidbits so you know what I'm working with:

-All clips were transfered onto my computer from my Sony harddrive camcorder.
-Video appears to be fine and the audio track seems to be present as I can see it on the timeline, it's just that when I play the clip, there's no sound, only video.
-When I checked the properties of the clip, it shows the audio as being an AC-3 file (I have heard this is a proprietary Sony format).
-all clips play fine if loaded into my Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 program (of course). All clips also play fine if simply double-clicked from the folder where I keep them, as they open as in my Dell Power DVD program for viewing.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I continue to have crashing problems with my Vegas program and am considering starting over with my latest project using my old Ulead program. Yes...I know, sad but true.

THANKS in advance!