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Thread: Need some advice on best video format to use for editing

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    Default Need some advice on best video format to use for editing

    Hi there ,

    I am fairly new to video , I'am actually a web developer ,
    ->My issue is that I am trying tomake a professional looking video using Adobe Elements 2.0. and Iam unsure as to which video format to use that provide the highest quality ,, I shot the video with a canon Vixia HG20 camera , in HD mode ,
    I have used a couple programs to capture the video from the camera onto my comp , and then to convert the files from .m2ts format into a couple different formats,,
    so far I 've found that mpeg-4 and .avi formats have had the best quality while viewing.. Could anyone give me some advice as to which format might be better ,, and why?,,
    Also I seem to be having an issue in Adobe Elements , where the display screen plays the video pretty choppy , ann in turn makes it hard to view the transitions and all in all is just annoying ,, does anyone know how to make the display in elements play video smoothly?

    Thanks For any help ,

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    Firstly - if you want professional looking films you need a professional. Hints and tips do not a professional make.

    I am not familiar with your editor but you should be aiming for as little ' fiddling ' as possible to preserve the technical aspects of the video.

    A competant editing app will accept the files as is from the camera, but ACVHD cameras are a bitch often. Many editors still dont like the files - make sure yours is fully patched and updated.

    As for jumpy preview - that is entirely normal - that is why its called preview. It is however much more of a problem with AVCHD files as they are horrid to edit on. The format is highly comperssed and uses a variable bit rate meaning that is hugely processor intensive to edit.

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    In Premiere Elements it is generally required that the timeline be rendered for a smooth preview. You may want to turn off the Timeline Scrolling as well.

    If your intended output is HDV or Blu-Ray then it is good to capture the HDV M2t files in Premiere Elements. You can then output Blu-Ray, Hi Def WMV or other Hi Def formats.

    Premierie Elements version 2 does not support HDV, so I don't know how you will be able to work with it before it crashes. The first version to suport HDV is version 3.0.2

    THe Canon HV20 can down convert on capture to SD, if all you need is SD then you will want to down convert in the camera on capture. Depending on what the desired results and use will be will depend on what format you will want to export in. In many cases FLV, for some AVI, and for other WMV or MOV.

    If you would like some additional help please private message me and I will give you a link to where you can get help with both the camera and the software. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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