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    Hello all this is my first post having just joined, and I'm looking for advice regarding, as the title says a Premier 7 capable pc.

    Basically my sister has just purchased this software with the intention of using for her personal holiday etc videos. However she never gave a thought as to whether her pc would be capable of running it without any problems, suffice to say I'm sure it will struggle if not fail to run.

    Her setup, as much as I can think of off the top of my head, is as follows if more needs to be known I can find out but these are the basic;

    512 ram, I know this needs to be at least 2gb
    Celeron 3.2ghz processor
    200gb SATA HDD
    No graphics card

    I'm therefore trying to find out the best setup she could look at, for a budget, if anybody perhaps uses this software or could advise in anyway it would be appreciated.

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    I dont have first hand expirience of that combination but from expirience I would say that is just about ok.

    Another hdrive would be usesful to keep video on.

    This system would really struggle on any so called high definition video but it would be ok for standerd def DV editing.

    Render times will be long - hours for most things trypically.

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    Get a computer with a intel pentium 4 processor that has hyperthreading or a dual core running at 2.6ghz. Intel or AMD will work just as well. 2GB RAM is a minimum memory requirement for now and the next year or two, but you will need more if you decide to upgrade your video footage from standard definition to high definition, you didn't say what type of video you intend using right now? You do not need a graphics card unless you want to run two monitors or output the video to a tv to see what it looks like. A second internal hard disk is advisable and just use it for video capture only.

    Depending on what type of camcorder you have, if it is mini dv (tape) then you will need a computer with at least one Firewire socket. If it doesn't have this already built in just make sure the computer has a spare PCI slot inside so you can purchase a separate Firewire card (comes with 3 sockets) and this needs to be fitted into the free PCI slot.

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