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Thread: Should i choose script that is easy to shoot or the script that is interesting?

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    Default Should i choose script that is easy to shoot or the script that is interesting?

    I'm concerned with choosing the right script to shoot.
    I concerned because we have restriction of time, only 2 weeks to finish shooting. If we choose tough scenes, we may not even finish the product.

    Based on your experience, should I choose a tough script or only choose easy script so that we could finish the product on the schedule? Thank you.

    Script 1 is harder shoot because it requires to shoot outside of campus, related to love, somehow related to sexuality

    The synosis of script 1:
    A man who is going to marry next week. But his wife's family wants to challenge him by using his wife's sister. She uses the sexual appeal to challenge him. However, finally, he can pass it because of the simple reason.

    Script 2 is easier to shoot since everything occurs within my school campus. But my team mates think it is boring so they decided to choose script 1 to shoot instead.

    The synosis of script 2:
    The real estate market went down dramatically in 2008; many companies got bankrupt. Gia Lac 's family company is one of them. Therefore, Gia Lac, a happy girl living in a rich family, becomes a girl with nothing in hand. However, she finally realizes good things after this trouble that makes her a better person.

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    As an outsider, and based purely on those brief synopses, I'd say neither plot was more or less boring.

    However I most definately would say that if your team think the film they are making is boring then it WILL be boring.
    This will permeate throgh scriptwriting, acting, direction, camerawork, sound. Editing will be a chore because you're working with lacklustre footage and you'll find it difficult to care how you slap it all together.

    All this points to going with script 1. Especially when just about all filmmakers agree that in order to make a good film, you should attempt to make a film YOU would want to see.

    However, there are two very good reasons for going for script two.
    1. You're certain you can finish it. It depends how important this is - if missing the schedule is a fail then you MUST go with script 2.

    2. Having to finish a film you're not particularly inspired by, to a deadline is, I would imagine (pros here please correct me if I'm wrong) excellent practice for the real world where I'm sure you come up against similar situations, quite frequently.

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    Your premise for script one is based on the very old joke of the younger sister tempting the future brother in law into having sex with her.
    He leaves the house to go to his car only to be meet by his future family in law congratulating him on his fidelity.

    How do you plan to reveal the punch line? As the family members all head back into the house, dolly in under the drivers’ seat to a box of condoms?

    Why not do an original piece, rather than a rehash of a tired old joke? Get usual people doing unusual things.

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    Im no expert on scripts or production, but in my opinion i think idea 1 sounds more interesting.

    like sspeiper said, why not make it original?

    how long does it have to be? With a good production plan, im sure you could make it work time wise. (weather permitting)

    like i said, im no expert lol. maybe have a backup plan just in case.

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