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Thread: Date/Time Stamp on Video

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    Default Date/Time Stamp on Video

    I thought this would be an easy thing to do but I'm having trouble finding software that can help me out. Just to have the date and the time(with seconds) onscreen during the video. Any software that can do this? I have Pinnacle 12 now but I haven't been able to figure out a way.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    Just found this: but it's for .avi and I'm using mpeg. i know i could convert but I'm just a lazy girl. something similar for .mpeg would be great!!!
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    Well, first of all the need to have a time date stamp is normally if you are putting it on as an effect for lets say "Security camera information" in a film / video.
    So i would ask - Why has it got to be in raw format? Plus you will most likely use a video editor to put your "Mpeg's" together, this editor should have an effect called "Time date stamp", if not download one of the many free ones.

    I suggest getting a good video editor and look at that to help you out. Failing this im not sure how else you will do it, as if you want to show this to anyone you will most probably have to convert it and either burn it or save it on the computer.


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