Using MXF files converted from a Sony EX1. Whenever I edit anything together with Vegas 8a 8b 8c and then attempt to export it to various WMV or MP4 or even on occasion avi templates vegas will just crash out with no error messages. I've tested my memory, tried using different drives and even different computers, but I get the same problem albeit sometimes with error messages. Different clips seem not to work either as it decides to crash elsewhere if I take a suspect clip out and then render.Sometimes it'll even crash before the usual crash point. I've tried removing all media files not in use in the project, that too having nil-affect. So I'm left with nothing I can really try other than get 8.1 and install on a 64bit machine. Before I do that and potentially waste my money, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar problem and if they found a way around it. All machines I have tried it on, are variety of Intel chips from core2quad to Xeon to Pentium 4, all running win xp.