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Thread: Will Sony Vegas 8.1 Play Videos 'Jumpily' In Preview With This Spec?

  1. Default Will Sony Vegas 8.1 Play Videos 'Jumpily' In Preview With This Spec?

    Will Vegas play AVCHD videos from a Sony HDR SR5 in the preview window smoothly with the following specs?

    Processor, operating system and memory

    Processor type
    Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q6600

    Operating system installed
    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit

    Intel® G33 express chipset

    Standard memory
    4 GB

    Memory type

    Memory slots
    4 DIMM sockets

    Internal drives
    Internal hard disk drive
    1 TB (2 x 500 GB)

    Hard disk controller
    SATA 3G Hard Disk Drive

    Hard disk drive speed
    (7200 rpm)

    External hard disk drive
    HP Personal Media Drive and HP Pocket Media Drive sold separately

    Optical drive type
    DVD writer SATA DVD RAM and Double Layer supporting LightScribe technology

    System features

    Memory card device
    15in1 memory card reader

    Network interface
    Ethernet 10/100/1000BT integrated network interface

    Video capture interface
    IEEE 1394 FireWire® Interface

    Wireless technologies
    Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g

    Video adapter
    NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9600 GS with PureVideo® HD technology

    Video RAM
    768 MB dedicated memory, up to 2559 MB total available graphics memory as allocated by Windows Vista®

    Internal audio
    Intel® High Definition Audio 7.1

    Audio connectors
    2 front audio ports, 6 rear analog audio ports & 2 rear digital audio ports

    Wireless keyboard and optical mouse

    Remote control
    HP Vista Media Center Remote Control

    External drive bays
    2 external optical drive bays, 2 internal HDD bays, 1 Pocket Media Drive bay, 1 Personal media Drive bay ; Landing pad for USB & 1394 devices

    External I/O ports
    6 USB 2.0 ports (2 in front); 2 FireWire®-IEEE-1394 ports (1 in front)

    Expansion slots
    1 PCI (1 free) and 2 PCI-Express 1x (2 free)

    Sorry I can't find info on the SR5 picture size or quality, even on google.

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    Hard to be specific.

    Preview is often going to be running at a slower frame rate - this is to be expected. The actual frame rate will depend on project settings, number of tracks, fx used and more.

    As the project becomes more complex you can drop the preview quality to preserve frame rate.

    I edit DV on a medium speed dual core and even tho dv needs the least cpu power to edit my recent finished projects will not preview at a watchable frame rate above ' draft ' .

    AVCHD is a highly compressed format, more than HDV even - in general, the more compressed a format the less easy it is to edit and the more powerful your pc needs to be.

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    It could also depend on your preview window size.

    I use VMS9 on what would be an ancient PC. If I preview full size, it jumps when I preview any edited video. If I shrink the preview window considerable, though, I can preview just about anything without hesitation. I also only preview in Best quality, which is totally unreasonable, I know.

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