I tried to read the sticky's and search before posting this, but couldn't get the right answer to my situation. So writing this.

I am able to capture video from my mini dv tapes from Canon HV30 in HDV mode. But, I found there are "tons" of clips stored on my external hard disk. Each clip (.m2t file) size is about 5 Mb. I verified in my capture Preferences window "Enable HDV Scene Selection" check box is checked. I saw there are 750 files capturedfor a 60 min tape. It is difficult to manage so many files when you drag them on to time line on my video track.

Based on my prev experience with DV format, I used to get a few clips of each around 700mb to 1 Gig.

I tried by disabling the check box for "Enable HDV Scene Selection", still same thing.

Is there a better way or what is the recommended way to capture in HDV format? What should be the capture preferences?

I see there is "Preroll seconds as 5". Don't know what this is. Also, "Max RAM buffer size" is 25%.

Is this how everyone captures the HDV video? If I want to capture in DV format (720x480)? what are the recommended settings? I appreciate your quick response. Thanks.