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Thread: Rare Encounter with Two Snow Leopards

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    Hi All,

    While climbing in Ladakh, India in 2004, I encountered two snow leopards attacking a dzo (part cow part yak). At the time, it was the first ever footage of snow leopards hunting in the wild. Admittedly, since the, there have been a couple of great docs with incredible hunting footage. However, this is still the first ever footage of snow leopards attacking an animal so large (near 1000 pounds).

    Anyway, it was shameful of me as an editor to sit on the footage for four years, so I decided to make a very short doc detailing the events.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Very enjoyable and what a fantastic creature

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    Thanks for the kind words.

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    enjoyed that. did you do the voice over?

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    Yeah, I did the voice over. Everything's a little bit sensationalist for my taste, but my partners outvoted me, and we "magnified" the drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DyerMaker View Post
    Everything's a little bit sensationalist for my taste, but my partners outvoted me, and we "magnified" the drama.
    I really enjoyed that, and I think your partners were pretty much spot-on with that decision. It adds a human-interest to an already fascinating piece.

    I guess I can understand why people who are super into the subject-matter might take an “It’s all about the snow-leopards’, man!” position, but for the lay-person adding some kind of narrative definitely works as an ‘in’. It gives an insight into how everything appeared to the people involved and, for me at least, that makes the film more involving to watch. Given that a lot of your early footage was setting-the-scene kind of stuff anyway I certainly think that approach really added something to this film. I didn’t find it at all sensationalist – just interesting.

    And hey, grizzled old sea-dogs of old never apologised for dramatising their stories, I don’t think you should have to either! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    I really liked how you set the location, the intro narration and clips explaining where you were, leading into the action, especially the bell/chimes things, they gave a distinct Tibetan feel throughout the movie.

    I lean more towards your position on the drama of the delivery, but I enjoy the dry old school national geographic type nature stories more than most people.

    Very nice.

    Did you just bring a ton of batteries with you? How did you have power out in the middle of nowhere like that? What format did you record with? Did you have any technical problems because of the cold?
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