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Thread: Help with wedding video disaster

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    Default Help with wedding video disaster

    I recorded my neices wedding for her, and the results are a nightmare. The first tape is fine, but in time for the crucial part, I changed the battery (to a brand new one) and put in a brand new tape. The resulting footage is only 2/3 picture, the remaining third is black, with a pixellated border between the two. There is sound, but it cuts in and out, and sounds like daleks. This is the speeches part, what a disaster.

    The camera is a Panasonic, which takes mini dv tapes.
    Is there anything I can do to fix the footage, and what might have caused the problem in the first place?


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    It's posasible that the tapes are ok and the tape head is now dirty. Get a trape head cleaner and run it through a couple of times then see if the tape plays back ok.

    Also, try the tape in a different camera.

    If that yields the same results then I think it recorded badly and you a left with what you see now. Sorry.

    If the sound is ok then grab that at least and maybe play it over a few well chsoen stills of the speeches if you can get some. At least they'll still have a wedding video of sorts then.

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    In my expirience it is when you swap a tape that such problems can occur. It is good practice to check all is well when swapping a tape.

    All the more so with brand new tapes - bath tub failure curves...

    Bathtub curve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I treat new tapes with great caution for this reason.

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    I have had this problem before at university and even the tv engineers couldn't fix it. Once its recorded on the tape, its unchangeable whether its recorded properly or not

    As mark said its best practice when changing tapes to record a bit of test footage and watch it back to make sure its a ok.

    I feel for you as I felt sick when I filmed a heap of grand stuff only to find it ruined. And when to try to re film it , its never quite the same

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    Thanks for your help.

    I have tried cleaning the head, but it didn't make any difference. I would like to try it on a different camera, but I don't know any one who has one, I will have to ask around.

    Thanks again.

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    Does it play back OK in slow motion,, if so capture in slow mo and then speed up..

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