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Thread: Problem exporting to dvd

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    Exclamation Problem exporting to dvd

    Hi can anyone help, I have just produced a 1 hour 30 minute film which will easily fit onto a dvd. However when I export to dvd about half way through the burn a yellow triangle appears with a small D on it, The dialog box simply states YES to continue or NO to cancel. I have pressed yes and the burn continues. However on completion of the finished product I have lost the last ten minutes or so of the film and the dvd appears completely full.

    I have carried out this proceedure many times with no problem. Any ideas. Thanks
    I have just downloaded adobe prem pro try me from a disc off of a magazine I am now not able to open my original adobe prem pro progam all I keep getting is an error code 202 can any one help

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    Can you first of all let me know your set up:
    What editing software you have
    What the compression is
    The size of the file you are tryng to burn (Hold your curser over the file)
    What software you use to burn the project
    What settings you have in your DVD burning software.
    What make of DVD recorder you have
    What make and type (-R / +R) of DVD you are trying to burm too

    Basically all these settings / information need to be alligned towards a certain road, that is to say - If you have DV footage at 1hr 30 mins and are trying to put it onto a 720p project in your editor, but have got the bitrate and audio all set wrong then the size of the file may be bigger than the DVD can handle, rememeber a 1gig avi file will be a lot larger when it is transcoded into DVD Mpeg...

    I have never had the problem you describe, but i am sure there will be some help file with your software (Paper copy or digital) that will point you in the right direction.

    If you can, please do a screen capture and let us see it, if nothing else a picture tells a thousand stories (As we all know).


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