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    Hi Everyone

    Darren here I am new user to the site, after many years working in corporate land and broadcast I am starting out in the word of the wedding video's.

    I have all my Kit and the knowledge having been a cameraman and editor for over 18 years, I am now looking for new avenues with the business.

    So my question is in your opinion in regards to advertising and gaining work I would really like to know what the forum has found best in the past. I am sure it is age old question but i would value your input.

    Kind Regards


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    Referrals, recommendations from Venues & Photographers, Web site,

    Local papers and YP have not worked to me.

    Work as a second camera with an experienced wedding guy as it is a different regime to standard corporate and TV, you need to be more then a Camera, lighting, director & sound man
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    Yes have a cameraman working with me that did 6 months of camera work on weddings, but this our first time as a business moving into this market



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    Hi Darren - A website is essential, but the most important thing is a cracking showreel.
    High class wedding shows (fayres = ugh) will bring great work if the showreel and full weddings are available for clients to see.
    YP don't work no more I'm afraid - internet savvy clients let google do the walking.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Zero is right Darren - a cracking showreel - but therein is the Catch-22 question - how do you get one? Our experience is very similar to yours. After 30 years in corp and broadcast here and in France, we had to come back from France and took the advice of a photographer pal who said the standard of wedding videos was generally appalling.

    The advantage you have (and we had) is that you own your gear or have assets which mean you can buy suitable gear - we had a D35W with a beautiful ultra-wide zoom lens which it hurt me to sell but neither is what you need for weddings. This means that to do freebies and build up your demo you have only to invest time and tape.

    The inbuilt disadvantages of wedding video are that there's no repeat business (!); the hobbyists will always undercut you; the market is largely uneducated about video and the wedding video is their first experience of buying such work; people also think everything that appears on a TV screen is television; they understand photography and thus generally place the importance of 19th century photography above 21st century video/DVD; because the wedding video is down the decision list it's quite price sensitive and the innate tendency to buy on personal recommendation means the cowboys persist. That's harsh and all a generality and there are of course outstanding exceptions.

    So we're working uphill, evangelising and persuading people that we're worth paying for. Our strategy is, as I've described elsehwere on this (new to me) forum, to get our demo into as many hands as possible. So far it's worked well but don't imagine it's as easy as getting into corporate. It's slow so you need either a good bank balance or a long period of working weeks as well as weekends.

    Finally, the unpredictability of wedding production will make you thankful for every year of your experience. I smile when youngsters tell me that they're starting in weddings before going on to greater things! Happily most have some exposure to decent production standards through their media course etc so in the end the standard will raise so I wish them and everyone else committed to quality every good luck. There's plenty of room for them.

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    For one I don't recommend The Yellow Pages... I've paid 1100 for a 12 month advert and only 6 calls in 3 months. However if you work from your house then you can get a free line in the pages.

    Get yourself a decent website first off and then subscribe to as many wedding directory sites as you can. Be careful though as some are bogus and are just after your cash. I highly recommend 'Visual Bride'. Within 6 days of my advert going live I had a booking.

    Google Adwords is also a good earner but it can get very expensive if you want to remain at the top of the sponsored links. It also takes some setting up and isn't the most straight forward.

    Bridal mags are mostly a waste of time as are adverts in local papers.... The best advert of all??? The weddings you've already done - There is nothing better than a recommendation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheltor View Post
    The weddings you've already done - There is nothing better than a recommendation.
    agree with sheltor.
    Another suggestion: maybe you can look for some intermediary service sites or other wedding stuff suppliers and make a cooperation with them.
    Good luck

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