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    I have a Sony HDR-SR5 and am wanting to get a wide angle or fisheye lens. I was wondering if anyone know where i can get hold of a universal clip on lens?

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    That'll do but worringly cheap.
    Get it on a sale or return basis.
    If you want wide 0.5 will do but if you want fisheye with kooky barrel distortion go for lower - like 0.35x

    Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens 0.36x for Camcorders 37MM on eBay, also, Lenses, Camcorder Accessories, Cameras Photo (end time 30-Jan-09 13:18:40 GMT)

    Cheapo lenses are often best if you want that cool distorted wide look but expect vingnetting and zooming through the adaptor may fail as might auto focus- this is normal.

    Also expect all manner of other probs like incresed chromatic abberation and blurry edges to the field of view.

    Distortion (optics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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