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    Default NV GS300 disabling Audio

    I would like to record a video with my Panasonic NV GS300 without sound. I have read the instructions cover to cover and I can't figure out how to switch off the sound recording. Is this possible ?

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    No - not possible. I am yet to see a cam with a mute record option.

    Does that camera have an option to set sound levels manually? If so set to zero. This would normally be done in the edit.

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    unfortunately it doesn't have manual audio settings. Bugger.
    never mind. Thanks for your help.

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    Presumably you will be editing the video after the event. Most NLEs have the option to turn down the audio. Premier allows you to split the audio track off and even delete it.

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    How about you just stick a 3.5mm jack with nothing connected to it in the mic socket? A 1/4in -> 3.5mm convertor will do.

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    As suggested above record the sound as normal in your shoot and then remove the parts of the soundtrack you don't want in your NLE. I would prefer to record the soundtrack and then get rid of the parts I didn't want at the editing stage. It's a bit like applying in camera effects, they might look great at the time but you may regret adding then when you view the video again, so leave things like that to the post production stage.

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