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    I'm from Portugal. Sorry to invade your forum like this but unfortunately there aren't any helpful portuguese forums which can give good feedback on my issue.
    I' ve been making my own shorts for about 3 years now and am, at present, the official camera man of a portuguese parkour team.
    I currently sold my Canon Hv20 so that i can make an upgrade to a better camera.
    I have about 2000 to spend and would prefer an HDV camera as I'm used to it and think it's still the best image quality codec in the market, although the Sony SR12 and Canon HG21 seem to have improved a lot.
    I will be using the camera to film sports and to make some shorts that require steady shots. This been said, i would appreciate it if you told me the best camera for my interests.
    I saw the FX7, which in my opinion is at present as good as an Hv30 in terms of image quality, although it may offer other advantages. After that i've been checking a Canon XH A1 which i think would be a good option although it's a bit more expensive than my budget. Do you think it's worth to make this upgrade ( to an Fx7 or an XH A1 ) or should i save money and buy and Hv30 and do an upgrade when i have more budget ?


    Diogo Cunha

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    Sounds like you have the expirience and skill needed to get the best out of a better camera. Both the models you mention will be much better to use and allow you to be far more creative.

    The sony may not be the best choice as i think it only shoots in progressive mode, and that is not as good as interlaced for filming fast motion.

    Also considor the Sony HDR-FX1E - lots in the used market.

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