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Thread: Just made a purchase....

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    Default Just made a purchase....

    Well, I couldn't bring myself to sell my Granny for the XL2, so I went for the Panasonic NV-GS400....for 870.

    The reviews are great, but I've really bought this blind as I've had no touchy/feely with this one....

    Has anybody got any comments or opinions on this camera? :

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    Does the Granny in question have 3 CCDs and interchangable lenses? Then again, does the XL2 coem wit free hearing aid batteries?

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    I knew I could rely upon millsy for talking sense!

    I also ordered a Paglight C6 kit, so that should be that!

    All I can't seem to find are details of bigger batteries - I'm gonna need a wopper!

    Anybody got any ideas? Or comments/experiences about either the camera or the light..... :

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