Hi all,

I am still struggling with the problem of transferring videos (mainly VHS) to the PC.

I bought a new computer with a Hauppauge WinTV capture card fitted but have never been able to make it work (the capture card).

I then bought a device called a GrabeeX which has audio & video inputs and USB output, the trouble is it works when it wants to. It actually works okay when it works but occasionally it will just freeze the computer for no apparent reason. The only way I can reboot the PC is to switch off at the wall. The program always does this now so I have stopped using it.

I tried another similar device called EZGrabber but this never worked at all.

In my frustration the other day I went to Maplin and bought this. It seems like the ideal solution until you get it home and discover that it is basically a piece of junk. It is a very very cheap video player with a USB interface. It is supposed to have auto tracking but you need to constantly mess with the two manual tracking buttons provided (if the tracking is supposed to be automatic, I wouldn't have thought it needed manual tracking buttons at all..!) The cheap plastic case sometimes makes simply putting a tape in the machine a very delicate operation because it keeps catching.

Needless to say I am not very happy at the moment, everything I try just seems to go wrong. So my question is:

What is the ideal solution to this problem?

I would welcome any and all comments on this.