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Thread: Entry level camcorder recommendation

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    I know there are other threads on this, but my requirements are slightly different, so I wanted to ask for some advice. It's not an area that I know an awful lot about, and I would hate to buy a lemon!

    I'm looking to get some form of camcorder as a christmas gift. I suppose I'm looking for an entry level model, costing anything up to about 250 (although I'll go a few quid over if it's perfect).

    I've done a lot of reading online, and it seems that the main complaint with many cheaper cameras is poor video quality. I'm wondering if that's because many cameras are really that bad, or is it because some people would consider pretty ok video to be utter rubbish.

    The camera will most likely be used indoors a lot, filming in sports halls and the like. Sound and picture should be decent, but the movies will most likely be watched on laptops and the like, so it doesn't have to be HD 45million inch screen high quality or anything. We will have to be able to make out what the people are doing, though!

    I think something that would record to internal or SD memory would be ideal. I know miniDV has good quality, but reports online seem to say that they transfer to PC in realtime, and I don't think the recipient will have the patience to wait for an hour to see an hour of footage!

    So, can anyone recommend any of the camcorders in this price range? There's quite a few available on and, but the reviews are a very mixed bag and I'm having trouble deciding.

    I'd really appreciate any help that anyone could give.

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    I'd love to help, unfortunately I'm having a similar time trying to find the best camera for my needs, I too have limited budget. Did you get a camera ? if so which one ?

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