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Thread: Huffyuv problem with Sony Vegas

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    Hey what's up everybody I use Sony Vegas 7.0 and when I render a video file using the Huffyuv codec (v2.1.1) I notice there's a quality loss the video is blurry (and the file is smaller by the way). I tried doing it with Virtual dub and it's perfect the filesize is the same and there's zero quality loss (with the same Huffyuv configuration). I wonder what's wrong with my vegas.

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    Some background for others.

    Huffyuv is a codec that claims to be lossless. The utility of this is that repeated renders will not cause quality loss yet file sizes are smaller than uncompressed video - 40 to 60% smalle in my tests.

    When I tested I too found that the codec added a slight softness to video and did much more harm to the quality than repeated trips through the panasomic dv codec that I favour.

    Given that ten trips through the panasomic codec casues a barely perceptible loss in quality I stivk with DV for the rare in project renders I do.

    Given the low price of huge drives it is also hard to see the point of a codec that makes huge uncompressed files just a bit less huge.

    As to why v dub performs better - I dont think it actually rerenders video - it just sticks the bits back together.

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