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Thread: Sony vegas 8 YouTube HD

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    Question Sony vegas 8 YouTube HD

    What are the rendering settings that i have to use in order to have the HD option on YouTube? The following screenshots are my current settings that don't seem to work.

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    This is going to come as a shock, but do a search on YouTube, it is on there......

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    Lets get one thing toally clear.

    There is NOTHING ' HD ' about you tube - the bit rate is still very low. It is not HD. Pixel count has little effect on pic quality at the low bit rates that you tube use.

    You dont gain, or loose anytihng by uploading at high res.

    I upload my projects at DV res, wmv, bit rate about 1.5 mbit/sec, make sure you use square pixels. That gives the so called hq optiob and my vids look as good as anything on the tube.

    If you want to go see - ' zaskarfilms ' on the tube.

  4. Default HQ and Stereo

    I uploaded some video footage onto youtube and the picture was high quality, not exactly HD but better than the usual quality but what really suprised me was the audio was in high quality stereo.
    Now however the audio has gone back to drab mono.
    I think youtube are experimenting at the moment with video and audio quality.

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    all i do i click for image size i put it on the dvd settings and my videos on youtube come up for HD

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