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Thread: Almost comical blood effects. where to download?

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    Default Almost comical blood effects. where to download?

    My crew and I are currently working on a spoof war movie, and we need some hardcore blood effects. Im not talking about "saving private ryan" realistic blood, but rather almost comical explosions of bright red goodness.

    in case you dont know what im talking about, here is a good example.

    take a look at around 6:30

    I've tried (great site), and I couldn't find anything like i was looking for.

    by the way i love this site. very helpful stuff.

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    I Haven't a clue about the effects you are looking for man I just wanted to say that I thought your film was awesomely fuuny and it looks like you had a lot of fun making this and thats what counts!


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    Whifffproductions Guest


    Man im sorry to say that the above vid isn't mine. haha I wish I could say it was. I thought it was the best thing ive ever seen haha.

    "Tell Rosemary...That I love her!"

    "Don't tell me what to do!"

    Unless of course you are talking about my video "Cloverfag", which I posted in the user video section.


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    and your right it is all about having fun.

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    Taking ages to download that so assuming it;s what I think it is...

    Blood splatters are available at videocopilot in their 'Action Movie Essentials' product. You even get a great tutorial on how to film an 'assisted suicide'.

    Probably what you're after

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