Apologies for starting another 'which camera' thread, but i need some sugestions now, i will be buying another camera in the new year, and need one before february when i have my first event with it...........

Ok, the Budget, may be peanuts to some of you pro users, but i am looking at about 750, happy to go lower, and can no doubt go a little higher


Best picture quality is obviously what i am looking for, many cameras say Broadcast, but its no doubt a load of rubbish

Durability, i know all cameras are delicate, but i need it for a lot of outdoor use, so dont want something thats going to need to be serviced every time the wind blows at it

Size, i know size isnt everything, but i dont use a support, its all just hand held, so a decent weight camera to get a good steady shot

I personaly was thinking along the lines of a Sony PD150 ?

So if anyone has any sugestions i can look at, or even if your selling something i may be interested in, just let me know


Ps. When i am looking at the hours people are saying a camera has, whats a good amount to look at without being worrying ? the XL1 i had obviously didnt have an hours meter so i dont know.